No matter what you say or what you do
When I’m alone, I’d rather be with you

-Childish Gambino-

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Aventador Roadster

[Credit: Marcel]

what a beauty

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I died from the cute!!!

OMG THEY DID THAT!!!!! ::falls out from overexposure to cuteness:::

Reblogging for the sake of a well behaved baby! yasssss!

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Sam Spratt’s Print Giveaway

IN SHORT: Reblogs and heart-button-y likes of this picture are each entries to win prints. That’s it. Free art. Go nuts. (You can also get additional entries on facebook and twitter)

IN SLIGHTLY LESS SHORT: There will be 5 winners with prizes as follows:

1st PRIZE: (1 winner) Gilded Black Edition 3-pack: All 3 drippy golden masks are yours, all signed and inscribed. (Inscribed meaning I’ll write you a personal haiku about your eyebrows or whatever, I don’t care.)

2nd PRIZE: (2 winners) Pick O’ The Litter: Basically, almost any painting you see on samspratt.tumblr.com you can get one signed and inscribed print of, a few example prints above.

3rd PRIZE: (2 winners) Any medium print from my standard store: Society6

Ships worldwide, will pick random winners in one week.

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